Please note that Work Experience placements are only open to graduates of the SAT Level 1 and Level 2 Technician Programmes. Work Experience give you the opportunity to work for a real employer, earn a real salary and gain a real qualification whilst gaining valuable workplace skills and experience.    Work experience is very relevant in today’s job market; given students tend to be strong on theory but lack relevant on-the-job practical training. In recent years there has emerged a sizeable gap between the skills and standards at which students have acquired and the standard required by employers. The approach championed by the SAT goes a long way to address this gap, but work experience will strengthen and further your skills, knowledge and future job prospects.   Successful graduates, those who demonstrate the right qualities during their studies, may be offered work experience with Scania. Work Experience with Scania is the first step on the road to a career with one of the world’s most successful heavy vehicle manufacturers.   The video below highlights how starting a career with Scania could lead to a lifetime of opportunities with the company.  
Benefits of Work Experience:

  • Gain invaluable on-the-job training
  • Be assigned to a personal mentor who will evaluate your work honestly and always with a view to building your skills
  • Gain insight into the industry; how it works and how to succeed
  • Meet professionals in the field who are only too happy to share their knowledge
  • Make contacts
  • Have a long term, broad and balanced vision of professional development and career options
  • Complete tasks that may later be used to enhance your CV or build a portfolio of work experience
  • Leave the program with a reference – a solid endorsement of your skills and talents from a respected professional in the industry (that is, if you manage to impress us!)
  • Be able to enter an interview knowing you have the skills and experience to excel in your chosen field
  • Come across opportunities for future employment, plus advice is always available from those in the know should you consider setting up your own business