The Swedish Academy for Training (SAT) is a direct response to a severe shortage of a skilled and appropriately qualified workforce in Iraq to service and operate modern heavy equipment.  The overriding goal of the SAT is to provide youth with the skills and knowledge to find decent employment, while supporting the growth and self-sufficiency of Iraq’s businesses and economy.

The SAT is the product of a public-private collaboration between Scania AB, Education First (EF), the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MOLSA) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO).  The partnership brings in the expertise required to deliver training that meets the needs of modern industry and business operating in the region.  Graduates are trained to high standards, with training programmes being developed and approved by Scania, EF and MOLSA.  Sida and UNIDO provide assurance of the quality of the overall training programme, training facilities and standard of graduates.

Training courses we provide are currently:

  • Heavy Equipment Mechanics
  • Heavy Vehicle Driver Training
  • English Language
  • Computer Skills

Training is provided in modern facilities with modern equipment and training methods.  Technical training is undertaken on Scania training equipment, but this does not mean graduates are limited in their skills and knowledge as the method and style of training develops adaptable skills and an understanding of the principles that allow graduates to work with other platforms. This results in well rounded and capable graduates who are adaptable and suited to many technical roles within heavy industries.

If you’re company is looking to recruit technicians familiar with modern heavy equipment systems, or with proven technical capability, then SAT graduates will be worthy candidates.  If you wish to learn more, or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the details within “The SAT” section of this website.

There are a number of ways your company could benefit from becoming involved with the SAT:

Bespoke technical training courses:  We can support you in delivering training to your existing employees, through one of our existing training programmes or a specific and bespoke course which we may be able to help you develop.  Southern Oil Company [link to news article] is an example of such a collaboration.

Technical Apprenticeships: We are always looking for companies to work with us on our apprenticeship programme.  Under our apprenticeship programme, our top graduates are given work placements within suitable companies to further develop the technical skills following graduation from the SAT.  Students benefit from continuing their professional development and the companies benefit from access to their pick of top graduates, with their new skills, into their teams.

We also welcome any feedback you may have from working with one of our graduates.[/one_half_last]