The Swedish Academy for Training is governed through an inclusive Programme Board (called the Project Steering Committee) with representation from each of the main partners.


The project is executed using a common participation framework supporting MOLSA in strengthening its institutional capacity, by including MOLSA directly in the day-to-day training and administrative activities of the academy. This model offers a mechanism for the international project stakeholders and local partners to jointly plan, design and participate in the execution of project activities. This approach helps to ensure a sound structure is in place for the local project partners to sustain activities of the academy upon completion of the project.  The role of each project partner is critical to the success of the project and is defined below:


SAT Governance Structure

United Nations Industrial Development Organisation

UNIDO in collaboration with SCANIA’s local Iraqi partner Qanadeel Al Rafidain, has established the SAT management team. The team includes the General Manager, a senior training instructor and support staff and are responsible for the day-to-day management of the centre’s training activities. UNIDO is accountable for the smooth operation of the academy, providing all necessary inputs (through Sida funding), including operational costs, procurement of equipment for the training facilities, rehabilitation works as-required, regular project reporting, etc.


Scania provide technical inputs for the development of curriculum, training of trainers, quality control and training facility design.  Scania facilitates the transfer of knowledge on industry best practice, assuring the delivery of courses in-line with the requirements of servicing modern industrial equipment.  The Scania team play a critical role in this sense for quality control of the training courses that ensures graduates achieve a level of competence suitable for employment in the industry.


The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has provided the project with the facilities and assigned a number of trainers to work in conjunction with the training academy team.  MOLSA trainers regularly up-grade their skills to ensure their full competence to carry on the training activities. MOLSA managers are also working closely with the training academy team to improve their managerial and administrative skills on the day-to-day operations of the training centre.

Qanadeel Al Rafidain

Qanadeel Al Rafidain plays an important role in the long-term sustainability of the project as the official Iraqi partner of Scania. QAR’s involvement in the training academy team serves as a platform for the extension of the project as MOLSA and QAR will be able to integrate and continue operations of the training academy in the future.