Located conveniently in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region, Swedish Academy for Training, with it’s state of the art facilities, offers a uniquely stimulating environment and experience.

The SAT provides more than just learn-by-wrote classroom environment; with world class trainers, a purpose built workshop, study rooms, meeting rooms, a dedicated dining area and a large ceremonial hall we provide a relaxed environment that is conducive to study.  Our training facilities are on par with some of Europe’s leading institutes, to provide our students an equal footing with their European and North American peer group.


Our classrooms are spacious, well equipped and are each adapted to the requirements of each course. Classrooms are furnished with high quality and ergonomically designed furniture from Swedish manufacturer Kinnarps – the same suppliers favoured by Scania in their Swedish HQ and training centres.  Each classroom is well equipped to suit the needs of the individual training programmes.


We have constructed an onsite heavy vehicle training workshop that, as far as possible, fits with Scania’s new service strategy to standardise the equipment and appearance of Scania workshops, signalling the high quality expected and delivered from the across all aspects of Scania’s international network. The workshop, situated conveniently on site, is equipped with all the tools, lubricants, lifting platforms, compressed air connections and health and safety equipment required for our students to train to the highest standards in a real commercial environment. All this helps facilitate an effortless transition from training to the world of work.


We aim to provide world-class information and technology services and support to our students and staff.  Each of our classrooms is equipped with modern all-in-one computers, each networked through an academy wide Wi-Fi network and to the Internet.  The computers facilitate access to cutting edge English language programme and specialist Scania commercial services.

Our classrooms are fitted with AV equipment, such as projectors, that support our trainers in delivering dynamic and engaging training.

Other Resources

For technical training, we maintain in both class and workshop settings, some really special and specific teaching equipment that is available in Iraq to only our Academy.  Our tools and equipment are well maintained and appropriate to the latest teaching subjects and practices and prepare students for working in modern international settings. The equipemnt is the same equipment used in Scania’s state or the art facilities accross the globe.

Acomodation Facilities

For students who do not live locally, and would otherwise be unable to participate in training, we provide accomodation facilities.  These facilities are located on-site for convineience and are free for students enrolled in our Mechanic courses. These include sleeping, bathroom, living space with television and space for self study.